On the origin of language

In a discussion with a friend, I’d call it a discussion even though she was quiet and I was quiet and we were sitting without a care in the world, we figured out why language was invented - To Lie.

This is it. This is the end of the post, the end of everything, you can go home now.


Or, you can choose to stay back and get to know what preceded that.


So I see you decided to stay back, I’m glad. What happened was this: We were just sitting and chilling, looking at each other for quite some time, smiling, looking into each other’s eyes and just having a general feeling of contentment, happiness and fun. We didn’t speak a single word and yet our eyes said things to each other and it felt like our true feelings were communicated. After some time she asks: “Why do you think the language was made for?” to which I reply, “To lie”.

Isn’t that true? It is so hard to hide your true emotions and feelings as compared to lying in words. All the lie detectors in the world check your emotions not what you say - even they know where the actual truth comes from. All the people we lie to, they always sense something is wrong no matter how well we choose our words. But feelings, they are the true tell of what is in your mind.

Maybe, the inventors of language were actually really bad people who wanted to lie and do things which were until then not heard of and they’d wanted to keep that a secret. And that is why they invented language as a means to communicate instead of gestures, feelings and touch. So that they could lie.

I believe a true conversation happens without words. Isn’t that what they say about a good friend, he’s someone who can share a silence with and still feel like you’ve had the best conversation in the world.

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