Restart is a compilation of the lessons learnt while running Musicfellas - a digital music startup which was acquired by Times Internet Limited. These lessons come from my personal experiences and are hugely anecdotal. This is the book I would want to read next time I start up. 

Things that are included in the download:

1. Restart Ebook
2. Financial Model Template
3. Investor Deck Template

And some other surprises :) The book is available in pdf format.


"Great primer for anyone planning to startup"                                  "Restart is an honest and personal memoir"
"Well-written, and with just the right amount of detail"               
"Highly recommended to everyone, not just to aspiring entrepreneurs, as a source of motivation & learning important life lessons."

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An elaborate step-by-step guide to help you build your first website using Squarespace. No Coding required. I have been using Squarespace for a few years now and I love their product. It's simple, easy to use and serves all my purposes. This guide includes the following topics and helps explain everything with 80+ screenshots.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why should you have a website
  2. What to put in it
  3. Why Squarespace
  4. How-to: Step-by-step walkthrough with screenshots
    • Choosing a template
    • Adding conten
    • Adding a blog
    • Adding About Me and Contact Page
    • Adding Social Media Feed
    • Adding a Gallery
    • Styling your Website
    • Working with folders
    • Changing templates
    • Connecting your personal domain
    • Adding email collection for Newsletter
    • Adding Blog Sidebar
  5. Parting Notes