"Travel brings out the best version of yourself"

Consider the above statement for a minute. Think about it. Isn't that true? If it is, isn't that a good enough reason to travel often, near and far? 

Even though, I had experienced it myself, this concept really hit me only recently after I watched Somewhere Else Tomorrow - a documentary about a guy motorbiking around the world with no money.

Traveling to me is a method of self-improvement. I am still a rookie traveler and I choose to travel because it brings out the best in me.

Here are notes on some of the places I have visited recently . These trips changed my life in was big and small (mostly big).


Bhutan & The Art of Chilling


PART 1                      PART 2                     PART 3

In the third week of August this year, 6 of us embarked on a trip to the less popular, but equally surreal cousin of Ladakh: Spiti Valley. We drove about 1200 kms on motorbikes plus 800 kms by car to and from Gurgaon. What follows is an attempt to create a guide to Spiti with a generous topping of my experiences sprinkled over it.


One of the most remarkable music festival experiences I've had. Under a clear, moonlit sky, inside a massive fort, and with musicians of all genres and nationalities.


The day after leaving Auroville, I am catching up on my sleep at a friend’s place in preparation for the party later in the night. It is going to be a great night, I can feel it. The next morning I am set to leave for Hampi with a few friends. And from there on, wherever the wind takes me. Inspite of all these plans, I feel a little sad and nostalgic. It feels as if I’ve just left home to travel. That is what Auroville does to you — it makes you feel like you belong there.


The 4-day trip to Kasol with a friend was meant as a stress-buster, to find new perspectives and to just BE. It turned out to be much more amazing than I had imagined. Listening to crazy stories of other travellers first hand had a huge impact. These stories are what made the trip memorable



If Stanley Kubrick made Star Wars, Hampi is where he would choose to shoot at.


Some time back, I took a weekend trip to the pink city, Jaipur with a couple of my friends. It turned out to be one of the most relaxing and fulfilling trips I’ve had.