alternate reality


There is a world which is called Bumics where lives a specie known as Hreathens.

They lead a life listening to music but not like we humans do on earth. Music is the air they breathe in literal terms. They look like us but with a slight yet important difference - they don’t have a nose. Instead, they have a headphone over their heads since birth. That is their life giving element. They don’t breathe but they have to listen to music all the time or else they die.

The way we hold our breaths, they stop listening to music for a small time while changing the batteries of their iPods and stereo systems. If the batteries die out, or their iPod breaks, they have to replace it. But, sometimes they can’t find the replacement at the right time and then they die. At other times, they can’t find the right music for a long time and they feel suffocated which again causes death.

When they want to get high, or they want to entertain themselves and have a good time, they buy a detachable nose, with which they breathe air. For their parties, they buy big containers of air which blows it all around the room. When they are breathing, everything else seems secondary. They are lost in the process of breathing, the fresh air that enters into their body, goes into their lungs and gives them energy. The air takes them somewhere else and they forget that they are Hreathen beings living on the planet Bumics. It takes them to another planet (Earth, maybe). That is also the time when they are actually able to focus on the music.

Hreathens had forgotten that they’ve been listening to music all this while. They had taken it for granted and had lost the joy of listening to music. But, these sessions of breathing helps them realise how simple, yet beautiful is this life giving process to them. They enjoy it, it is almost as if they’ve been hearing the music all the time but this is the first time they have listened to it. They also call it meditation. 

The kids always miss the silent H in the spelling. Their monks ask them the purpose of H in their life. They spend their lifetime finding out that answer. They don’t realise that it is a non existent question. They can very well live without the extra H. But no, their mind, like ours seeks conflict. They can’t let it go.

One day, one of them is breathing some really good air and he feels as if he has been transported into a different world altogether. He feels as if he has become a different specie. Almost human.

This is it. I think I don’t know more about them. I will come back with more information once my thought changes.

Do you think we become them for brief moments when we are listening to music and can focus on our breathing for the first time?

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Conspiracies of Life #37

You and I are projections of one single source. The universe is just a game someone is enjoying at our expense. We are not really alive because our lives exist only in the minds of some- or that- One.

All the code of how the game works is embedded into our brains. The brain is a powerful, all knowing bag of secrets. But, it can go rogue sometimes and spill out the secrets of the game, which the One doesn’t want. Thus it is kept shackled, under restraint. It is not allowed to explore a higher consciousness.

You know how people say that we use only about 5% of our minds and even the great thinkers that have come before have been known to use much more but just about 10% of their brain. Why so? What stops them? Answer: Our nerves - that connect everything and ‘control’ everything in our body. These are The One’s soldiers. The One is also known by philosophers as The Single Truth or by religion as God. These soldiers guard our brain, keep it in shackles. They don’t want us to realise our true potential or the truth behind all this because if we do, it will be the end of everything, of life as we know it.

People who do drugs, they talk about getting a ‘hit’. Here’s my definition of it: A hit is every time a nerve soldier dies. Think of it this way, when you take drugs, the ones which expand your mind and force you to think, you get ‘hits’. Every one of those hits, kills a nerve. The number of nerve soldiers constantly recedes as they keep getting hit. They are probably shouting ‘man down’ and are trying to scatter and run towards bomb shelters. So, when you are high, the guard is down and you experience different things and see a lot of stuff. But slowly the soldiers come back from their shelters with higher ammunition to protect ‘the truth’ from us. And we come back to our normal state. But, since the number of soldiers are lesser than it was before, some part of the brain is unprotected and we feel much more informed than before.

Sometimes people say, that they have a huge capacity for alcohol or drugs or whatever. It takes them longer and much higher quantities to get high. I think what they mean is that those remaining soldiers standing with higher firepower are better prepared this time. So the next time you take a hit, it takes longer for them to die.

The mystics and sadhus have been known to do it via meditation and sanyas. This higher state of consciousness is what we all seek. It comes in different forms. For some, it comes after a long run, or a good piece of music or a beautiful picture.

Opening up of our mind is what we constantly seek.

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