Observations from a post’s 2 minute stay on Hacker News

A few days back, one of my posts made it to the Hacker News front page. Here is a brief background to what had happened before that:

Behance tweeted about Musicfellas to its 500000+ followers but sent out a wrong link. I responded by tweeting them and writing a post on how it affected us and posted it on Hacker News. A lot of my friends retweeted, personally emailed Behance and some even raised a ticket. Behance responded, emailed us an apology, deleted the incorrect tweet and sent out a new tweet with the correct link.


The Hacker News post got a lot of hits. And based on Google Analytics, I was able to make some interesting observations. Also included are stats from the following 5 days:

  1. After direct traffic from HN, the top three sources were: Feedly, Inbound.org and Hckrnews.
  2. 80% of traffic was from US, India, Canada and UK.
  3. In US, San Francisco gave twice the traffic from New York. 
  4. Germans stayed on for more time than anyone else. 
  5. Chrome was the most popular browser at 70% .
  6. In the first hour, hits were way higher from Mac as compared to Windows. As time progressed, things got evened out and they are now almost equal.
  7. iPad brought more than 80% of the mobile traffic.

Quick Note: HN shows up as direct traffic on GA instead of referral. More on it here.