Bidding adieu to Mumbai

Bombay. Mumbai. The city that never sleeps. Provider to millions. Fulfiller of dreams. And so on.

A lot has been said about Mumbai and a lot will be said in the future. Why you might ask? I think its probably because it totally deserves it. I’ve been here only for the past two years and I already feel as if I’ve always belonged here. As a friend of mine rightly put it - I’ve been ‘Bombayed’. Many people who ask me about Bombay and why I am so enamoured by it probably don’t understand this sentiment. But, once you look past the problems of this city, it truly is a beautiful city to live in. 

Today, as I leave Mumbai for good and move to Bangalore, it feels like the right time to jot down the things I will miss the most about Mumbai:

1. Vada Pao - The food of the masses. The countless vada-paos I’ve had at this shop outside the Goregaon station actually has this playing in the shop on repeat: "Surabhi ka jumbo vada-pao. Jo khaye wo bole - main khaun, main khaun". 

2. Rains - You can love them, you can hate them but you can’t ignore them. 

3. Toto’s, Mondegar, Leopold, Score,….. -  There are good pubs in most major cities, but you feel that some of these places in Mumbai have a personality. I owe some of the most amazing conversations and memories to these places.

4. Marine Drive - Those late nights spent there thinking, introspecting, looking at the skyline and just being there gives you so much calm and peace of mind. 

5. Coffee Shops - Its not about the coffee, its about the whole setting. And if you  keep your ears open, you are sure to hear one or two film/tv scripts being narrated on a regular basis.

6. Bandra - The perfect blend of old world charm with very urban setting -works best for me. 

7. People - When they say that there is something about Mumbai which keeps pulling people into this city, I am sure they mean its people. Such warmth is hard to find.

There is so much more which needs to be said but lack of time forbids me. So, will have to wrap this fairly non-descriptive post up. 

Adios Mumbai. You’ve been awesome.