Announcing Pre-Order of my First Book

Let's get straight to business. This is an announcement for the pre-order of my first ever book 'Restart - Lessons from one startup for another'Pre-order it here.

This is going to be an e-book so having a pre-order link doesn't really make much sense, except it does. Here is how:

Writing a book is a tough task, tougher than I had imagined. It is about perseverance as much as it is about writing well. The book is in draft right now and has been for more than 6 months. This post is my way of committing myself to a group of people so that I can finish what I started.

One of the biggest pleasures in this world is in conceiving something new. The start of a beautiful relationship. Starting up a new company. Moving to a new city. New resolutions and habits. But, the drudgery of taking it to completion through all the cycles of raising, rinsing and improving takes a toll on you. Often, we start on these enthusiastically only for it to die down later and then we move onto the next shiny thing that holds our fancy. What is left is a graveyard of projects with half-lived lives. And the ghosts of those unsatisfied lives loom on our future projects and affects them as well.

This is how I imagine musicians must feel when they can't finish up an album for years. With a big project, an idea can just inspire you to take an initial action. But the challenge lies in picking up the crumbs of your idea and putting it together in a coherent format for others to consume. Many dynamics come into play - the forces of the world and realities of life come into picture. You might change your jobs. You fall sick. You move to new cities. Maybe your collaborators aren't able to find time. Or your proofreader hasn't turned around to you. Or maybe, you just don't feel inspired.

Finishing a lengthy project is a big deal. Thus, I would consider it a huge achievement if I am able to complete writing this book. I tried doing it all alone but it has been delayed for a long time. Thus, I need your help. By announcing the pre-order, I am putting my resolution in a public domain. Seeing that people are buying the pre-order will hold me accountable and will help me finish the book in time.

This is infact a skill you can use in your daily habits as well. Find an accountability partner - just like you all are mine. Find people who will keep you on track of your goals and inform them of your progress.

Thus, the pre-order. It has a preview of the book with the first couple of chapters for free. You can choose to pay what you want for the book. This was a payment mode we had at Musicfellas and we were pleasantly surprised not just by the transactions but the generosity of people. Thus, I am happy to use it here as well.

If you think that this book will be useful to you, please consider sharing it. In this world of excess of information and the problem of plenty, the biggest satisfaction for a writer is seeing his work read by people who might find value in it.

Pre-Order 'Restart - Lessons from one startup for another'

Thank you for your time and for being a part of this book. For any questions, queries or feedback, email me at mj {at} I'd love to hear from you. Thank You!