This section serves two purposes.

One, is to tell you that by adding your email address below, you can get all the posts that I write before anyone else. Usually, I also send out links in my tweets. But, in some cases, when I am not perfectly confident of my work, I refrain from doing it. However, I will send it out all to you - I once read a book which said that the work which you consider useless could actually be very useful to someone else. Hence, I want to share with you strengths and weaknesses of my work - you be the judge of which one is what. 

Second comes after a pre-condition. Do you enjoy my work or think it can be useful to someone else? If yes, then I'd humbly request you to pass it along. As a fledgling writer, I can ask for nothing more than getting my work in the hands of people who might enjoy it. It encourages me and also improves me which in turn helps me produce more meaningful work. 

Appreciate your time. Thank you so much. 


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